Sunday, 22 June 2014

Lights, trunks and Hay

Time to sort those vintage lights.
 I know that repro lights are available from VTS etc 
 but I like the pointed at both ends shape
 of the original.
So, as the original bulb holders aren't repairable and, more importantly, the plastic lenses are all broken  
I decided to cut the bulb holder & lens fitting screw out of the new base  
 and add it to the old one
 This means I can keep the original fixing holes and fit the new lens 
 Pop-rivetted together
And fitted 
  Nice to still have the double-pointed ends & even if the new lens isn't an exact fit its pretty close & I may add a clear gasket later

Now for the trunk door 
New catch from VTS 
 Perfect fit, with a few spacers to get the height right
I decided on solid foam insulation as it gives a bit more rigidity 
Nice to polish at a comfy height 
Is it just me or do others love the slinky-like swirls of the Cyclo (or in my case the cheaper Biltema) 

 I decided to keep the original patina of the old Airstream sign 
 Its a little rough in places but I rather prefer it to a hi-shine version
 The inside of the 1953 Reynolds ALCLAD - nice font

Of course someone had added a hasp at some stage & while I thought about replacing the trunk skin, it a sign of her history, so I kept it
and repaired the holes with some bucked rivets 
 Original sign bucked back on

 Clecoed and ready to buck

I thought long and hard about these reflectors but as they're an EU regulation, they either have to be on the body or the bumper, so since I could use one old hole (from a previous reflector), I only had to make one more hole for each
And I don't think it looks too bad  
Particularly as I've got all the other EU legal lights on the bumper itself 
and they look pretty subtle 
With the Trail-R-Lite too !
Ready for her second outing of the year 
In light rain 
Off up the narrow lane to... 
The Hay Festival in Wales 
with the well-read better half 
Yes, we still have the awning to sort out but the tethered umbrella works well for now 
 New cushions inside and with
fresh Atomic coffee 

and lots of good books
we survived the rather inclement weather !
New curtains in the front 
Writers great and small, some more entertaining than others. But the overall impression is that the festival has all got rather too large and corporate. Hay itself is lovely but I don't think we'll be rushing back to the festival - we should have gone 10yrs ago.
Back across the new Severn Bridge 
and home to Devon