Monday, 25 June 2012

Marmoleum Down

Time to get the floor sorted so the interior can go back in...
The Marmoleum arrived - Artoleum Graphic 5311 

Clearly not used by fishermen 
but undoubtedly creating a better environment inside the 53FC 
Nicely packaged BUT extremely heavy ! 
Nice subtle smell too - all natural; linseed oil
The space always looks smaller outside ! 
Its also very strong underfoot but easy to crack & snap if bent too sharply 
 So, as always, its a case of measure twice, cut once.
 Or maybe three times, just to be sure.
 A template for the corners is helpful
And then its a case of rolling it inside out (but in a larger roll so as not to risk it cracking 
and slowly glue a section & roll out the roll 

Glue, roll.... glue, roll 

 and soon she's looking a whole lot better

 Last bit

At this point the roll is very keen to unroll so needs a little coaxing to stay put 
... and finally down. 
 A few tiny trims here & there 
and a 3" strip to add along the side - the width is 6ft 7", so just short of a full width. 
 So I decided to have the join on the street side as it'll mainly be unseen under cupboards
Luckily not a hideous accident but Kathryn trying out the bed area for size. 
 It originally had a headboard/shelf but I think we might do away with that & have the bed run the full width
As I said in the previous post, I've decided to keep as much of the original interior & refurb the ply where necessary 

Its useful to look back at the original photos, taken when she'd just arrived.
It seems a long time ago (it was !) 
Quite a change !

The wood is looking great against the green Zolatone
Just a few more items to go back in... 

Friday, 8 June 2012


Yes, things are progressing well but, much the same as the Zolatone, some jobs need to be done before others can. 
 Flooring ! 
 Marmoleum to be exact.
The Forbo Marmoleum catalogue is a thing of beauty with chunky squares or each colour & style 
And while we have the interior empty, I'd like to fit it in one whole sheet rather than squares... 
... but which one ? 
There's quite a choice 
 and some fantastic, bright, seductive colours
but we're after a bit of subtlety to set off the  
Kathryn has been waiting a long time to get stuck into them
 and we've chosen a great 50s fabric recently re-issued by Sandersons
so the floor needs to sit back & not overwhelm it 
too busy, too light, too green, too dark... 
but eventually we all agree - top right:
Graphic from their Artoleum range
Forbo are great at sending samples - A4 size & speedily sent.
Makes choosing much easier 
 One continuing family debate - is Sandy taller than Dad - clearly this photo is deceptive as I'm sure he's on tip-toe & has fluffed up his hair - so the jury is still out (and I'm the jury !)
 Meanwhile, I've been restoring the cupboard doors & the interior woodwork.
 I debated whether to start afresh with new plywood but decided to keep the old & repair where necessary, after all its as historic as the outside & many of the drawers & doors still have her serial number 3069 written on them.
 So, sanding, revarnishing and since there was a lot of edge-delamination on the
plywood, a lot of glueing and clamping
Clearly one drawer has been replaced long ago 
 Repainting the interior of the wardrobe cupboards
 And since there's no heat in my workshop & we've been having unseasonably wet and cold weather, so glue-drying warmth on the range
Refurbished doors ready to refit the hinges 
 Never quite enough free space in the workshop !
 though much of that's down to a whole Airstream interior
Door refitted.
Again, I could have replaced the mirror with a new one but the old one does the job perfectly well, even if it is a bit foxed round the edges &
I like to think of previous owners checking their make-up or adjusting their WBCCI beret in it. 
The warmth of the original stained ply looks good against the new green Zolatone 
 Kitchen cupboards

Beginning to look a little more homely - at last ! 
 Rooster catches cleaned & refitted
Great design 
...and effective 
The end caps are not the only shiny, domed surface in here ! 
Still very pleased we went with the original Zolatone finish, it looks better & better
 Hopefully the Marmoleum should arrive within a week & then the rest of the interior can go back in