Friday, 8 June 2012


Yes, things are progressing well but, much the same as the Zolatone, some jobs need to be done before others can. 
 Flooring ! 
 Marmoleum to be exact.
The Forbo Marmoleum catalogue is a thing of beauty with chunky squares or each colour & style 
And while we have the interior empty, I'd like to fit it in one whole sheet rather than squares... 
... but which one ? 
There's quite a choice 
 and some fantastic, bright, seductive colours
but we're after a bit of subtlety to set off the  
Kathryn has been waiting a long time to get stuck into them
 and we've chosen a great 50s fabric recently re-issued by Sandersons
so the floor needs to sit back & not overwhelm it 
too busy, too light, too green, too dark... 
but eventually we all agree - top right:
Graphic from their Artoleum range
Forbo are great at sending samples - A4 size & speedily sent.
Makes choosing much easier 
 One continuing family debate - is Sandy taller than Dad - clearly this photo is deceptive as I'm sure he's on tip-toe & has fluffed up his hair - so the jury is still out (and I'm the jury !)
 Meanwhile, I've been restoring the cupboard doors & the interior woodwork.
 I debated whether to start afresh with new plywood but decided to keep the old & repair where necessary, after all its as historic as the outside & many of the drawers & doors still have her serial number 3069 written on them.
 So, sanding, revarnishing and since there was a lot of edge-delamination on the
plywood, a lot of glueing and clamping
Clearly one drawer has been replaced long ago 
 Repainting the interior of the wardrobe cupboards
 And since there's no heat in my workshop & we've been having unseasonably wet and cold weather, so glue-drying warmth on the range
Refurbished doors ready to refit the hinges 
 Never quite enough free space in the workshop !
 though much of that's down to a whole Airstream interior
Door refitted.
Again, I could have replaced the mirror with a new one but the old one does the job perfectly well, even if it is a bit foxed round the edges &
I like to think of previous owners checking their make-up or adjusting their WBCCI beret in it. 
The warmth of the original stained ply looks good against the new green Zolatone 
 Kitchen cupboards

Beginning to look a little more homely - at last ! 
 Rooster catches cleaned & refitted
Great design 
...and effective 
The end caps are not the only shiny, domed surface in here ! 
Still very pleased we went with the original Zolatone finish, it looks better & better
 Hopefully the Marmoleum should arrive within a week & then the rest of the interior can go back in


  1. Looking very nice. Can't wait to see the flooring installed.

  2. Everything is looking great! Thanks for all the great pictures, that was a lot of color options for the floor, your choice looks very good and will go well with the cabinets.
    It looks like the hole family is having fun now!