Thursday, 30 April 2009


Its been a while since I posted but work has just conspired to get in the way. I'm literally back off the 757 from Newark, NJ with a few goodies from Vintage Trailer Supplies (see next post). But work was so plat out I didn't get it together to order the rivets from Aircraft Spruce in time to get them delivered to my friends in NY before I left. So I had them sent direct to the UK. Ordered on Monday - and they'd arrived by the time I was home today (Thurs) - pretty speedy service.

But the two shorter sizes (AN470AD - 5 - 4  & AN470AD - 5 - 5) have lettering on their heads !

As you can see I've ordered 5/32, Universal Head, Hard Aluminium (AD) in sizes 4, 5, 6 & 8.

The 4 & 5 size have the above lettering on them, while the 6 & 8s have only a very slight 'F' which is almost invisible. 

I was expecting the central dimple but not the  ' O1DC' - It looks too deep to polish off. 

Looks more like it should be on a pair of Levis !      

Have I ordered the wrong ones ?                

Help !


  1. No, those are the correct rivets. Since these are used primarily for the aircraft industry, I am told that the lettering is a code to identify the plant, for investigative purposes in the case of failure. Not sure if that's true or not, but there you have it.

    I know they don't look perfectand smooth like the originals, but after you buck them in and polish off the gold coating, you'll hardly notice the lettering from 5 feet, and not at al from 10 feet.

    Good to hear from you, keep it up!


  2. Frankie says relax... You remember that fabulous UK hit... Those numbers are a requirement now a days. Most rivets are used for airplanes and when they crash, they want to be able to identify them as to know who to sue for failure. The numbers are not even noticeable in the whole scheme of things... just buck those babies into place and do not worry. Relax, all is good.

  3. A rivet shaver takes the letters right off.

  4. All of my 5's have barely any writing on them. All the other sizes have various letters and codes. Must be hit and miss?

  5. So sorry, I thought I had left a message a week ago or so. You ordered the correct rivets, all of mine have markings on them, too. I know they don't seem as smooth as the originals, but from 5 feet away you barely notice them, and from 10 feet away you won't notice them at all.


  6. Big thanks to Marcus, Frank et al.

    As they say 'moderation in all things'... unfortunately after a bout of spam I'd ticked the box requiring me to moderate all messages & then forgotten to do so ! Apologies to Marcus who I'd emailed after he'd already told me numbers on rivet heads were the norm. Glad we're all in the same boat.
    Work has got in the way for a while (even in Texas & NY - sadly no time to visit other Alumanuts but maybe next time ) but now a wee window means time for some CONstruction after all the DEstruction.

    Really appreciate all your support.