Tuesday, 17 August 2010

All back in...finally !

Its been a while since I posted but despite the best intentions to get her ready in time for summer camping, work yet again conspired to get in the way at the wrong time. So we're just back from a lovely but aluminium-free fortnight under canvas...in our trusty yurt.

But before work kicked-in, I did manage to get this little lot done...

Finished running the colour-coded wiring for the 12v (Blue), 240v (Orange) and running lights (Black).all hidden behind the lower panels. Leaving junction boxes & outlets where needed.I re-used all the old panels as they were in pretty good shape
insulating them on the inside between the framesDrill...Rivet...Rivet...Drill...
Rivet... Repetitive but satisfying.Still using a depth-stop on the drill bit.I refitted in the order they came out (of course). Ends first...And then the sides...Now you see it......now you don't.Last to go in was the small one to the left of the door.Two repairs needed before she was sealed-up. First; another heavy aluminium plate in the inside of the sieve-like door hinge plate...Vulkem...Clamped...
... and riveted, ready to take the new hinges.Second; a very localised bit of corrosion above the door.I decided a small patch would look more obvious than a larger oneso removed a section that was the full width between two framesand lapped the new piece over the edges of the old onesso the rivet lines matched those already thereOnce its got a new coat of Zolatone, it should hardly notice.So finally the panels that came out in the autumn of 2008 are finally back where they belong.and structurally even stronger than she was in 1953 Now to prep the old paintworkand mask all openingsready for a new layer of ZolatoneCabinets too...

Just the endcaps to cover.and since Zolatone (UK) were offering a good deal, I've decided to get them to spay the new paint.


  1. you keep inviting me over. That yurt just might cinch it. Great work my friend, I am very impressed.

  2. Beautiful. You keep us waiting for the updates no doubt, but when you deliver, you DELIVER. :)

    This is an exciting phase, things will really start coming together quickly now. I sincerely hope you get to use her soon, perhaps early next season. You've earned it!


  3. Cheers Frank & Marcus - too kind, since all I've been doing is copying you guys !

    Yes, the home straight is looming but time has a habit of slipping by. Hope to have her down in Devon in the autumn (sorry, fall) and refit the interior over the winter.

    Hope you've both had a good summer.


  4. Excellent work as always. So glad to see some posted progress. Keep it going and get out there.