Saturday, 18 August 2012

Steps, cupboards & axles. Getting ready to GO !

With the Marmoleum down, it was time to sort out the entrance step 
Aluminium edging & some ridged aluminium for the riser. 
THe front & rear edging strips refitted with stainless self-tappers this time 
And back to George for the final tweaking & fitting of the spring hangers & shock absorbers 
 Cut, grind and...
The original hangers were fine but since they slightly overhung the main frame rail, they needed some reinforcement 
Axle with brake lines (inertia brakes as legal in the UK & EU, rather than electric brakes in the US) ready to re-hang 
Hopefully flying without wheels for the last time 

New shock absorber mounts welded to the frame cross-member & the new axle
 I know some say you don't need shocks but having towed her up & down a bumpy track, without them she did bounce rather too much
 She came without a bumper, so we've stretched a VW Camper one which looks the part
Mounting brackets welded on & she's ready to refit 
 Meanwhile the interior refit continues - toilet compartment in 
...and on the opposite side the wardrobes 
For the bed we went for a foam mattress with memory foam top layer as this was easy to cut down to the exact size (& to get a snug fit to the inner curves 
 I'd renewed the vinyl beaded edging going for a light grey rather than the original cream. It finished off those joins between cabinets or between the walls & interior skin really nicely. 
 I also used a 'U' profile self-gripping edge ing for the hanging cupboards. We got ours from the wonderful Woolies - car restoration motor trimmers - very helpful for all kinds or weird trim
 Of course just when I need the time to work on the Flying Cloud my tv work has been really busy, so while there was no way I was going to have time to get the plumbing for the sink done in time, I was still keen to have as much of the interior cabinetry in before we headed off to or regular mid-July music festival
 I intend to renew the formica on the sink top but for now she'll have to do

 Cabinet doors, the delaminated sections re-glued, sanded and revarnished, looked surprisingly good.
 No time to fit the stove - the fire & camping gas will have to do this summer
 ...and after.
 ...and after. Medicine cupboard & magazine rack still to fit.

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