Sunday, 9 June 2013

In the yard - finally !

 After a winter with the cows in our neighbour's barn the shine was a little below par !
I had bought a cover but not until she'd already gained a layer of agricultural grime
Luckily a quick circuit with the pressure washer 
and a gentle shine started to return

I'd never had time to get her properly polished - its really just a compound polish
but she does gleam rather more than the corrugated iron on the barns. 
Very nice to have her finally on the premises on-hand for the continuing interior fit-out


  1. Thank you. I have been waiting for a post!!!!

  2. 'Umble apologies Frank. I've been flat out filming all winter & the British weather has been SO bad for so long, that all things Airstream went into cold storage.
    But now the sun is out and soon (after a wee work trip across the pond) the 53FC will have my undivided soon I hope you'll be fed up with endless posting.

    Best from Blighty


  3. May buy a 56 flying cloud so very interested in restoration you did inside and out. Love to see pictures.

  4. Thanks Cynthia - I try to photograph as much as I can.

    Good luck with the 56 Flying Cloud. Are you in the UK or the USA ?