Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Help - there's only one catch !

Help !  I'm after a duplicate screen door catch 

They mount on the main door and held the screen door shut & my Flying Cloud only came with one rusty one surviving. Its cleaned-up nicely but would like a friend !

Its a cast iron twist catch made by Yale.      Base measures 2" x 1" 

Nice aysmmetric look to it & I believe it pre-dates the bolts used on later 50s trailers 

I've tried googling & eBaying the Yale ref number but with no luck - 
so I thought I'd throw it out to all you Airstream experts out there !

I'd love to find one if at all possible. 
Thanks and Happy Easter to you all - Chris


  1. These are close:http://houseofantiquehardware.com/Small-Antique-By-Hand-Casement-Latch
    The work on the windows looks very good, I like the pictures of your shop, it looks well used, I have always liked older buildings like that, post some more pictures if you can.
    Thanks Doug

  2. Hey thanks Doug - I think its a straight copy ! Not sure I want it in 'Antique-by-Hand' finish but if none of my Airstream buddies comes up with the real thing, I'll order some.

    Glad you like my workshop. We live in an old farmhouse in Devon (dating from around 1500) and the workshop is in one of the barns. These barns would have originally been open-fronted for livestock & are know locally as 'linhays'. Ours probably dates from around 1750. I'll include some more pictures when I next post from the Airstream barn !