Monday, 9 September 2013

Hehr Windows in a VW !

 On a surfing trip up to the North Devon coast, I spied this rather fine VW camper in the carpark
Apart from being in very fine condition it was the windows that caught my eye - Hehr Windows !
I've never seen them in a VW before 
Apparently she was a Californian import, so maybe they are more common out there
 Rather fine and a nice paint job too


  1. Hehr windows are used in a number of the US conversion vans. EZ Camper and Sundial both used them. This bus was originally a bench seat panel (you can tell from the air vents in the top rear) and therefore would have had these pop out styles. A lot of the kombi conversions used Jalousie style windows (although, I've seen these pop outs with an extra frame around them as well).

  2. Thanks for your expertise Scott, you clearly know your vans. It was the first time I'd seen Hehr (or Airstream) windows in a VW.