Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A Brilliant last !

After at least four wet British summers. we were overdue a good old-fashioned sunny one and this was it. So we headed down to a quiet little Cornish backwater with the Flying Cloud in tow.
The interior was beginning to come together nicely 
Only partially finished (edge trim & the table are to follow) but the dinette was serviceable & works really well. I'm very glad I kept the original shelf & drawer unit across the nose, as its perfect storage & nice to have a wide shelf (not something Airstream often does)
Nice to be wearing hats for the sun rather than rain
Lovely evenings with the odd glass... the sun goes down
 And from the new Dutch Camp Oven
 everything from stews to
apple cakes 
 Old friends have a shepherd's hut at the top of the hill - rustic & lovely but a little less mobile than the Flying Cloud
 I've been accumulating various 50's items for the interior, from aluminium containers to coffee grinders
to compliment the 50's Atomic 
Still doing good service after all this time 

 And the estuary provides not only
but brown shrimp too
The family - school done & university looming 
Evening swims
 at high water
 The ancient church
 and the only slightly middle-aged shiny shed 

Canoeing down on the ebbing tide
From a shallow estuary to
rather deeper water
Lunch at
Pinky Murphy's

 Fowey harbour
...and back on the incoming tide in time for a G'n'T
and fish supper

 Not a bad view to wake up to
 The Gribbin daymark

Perfect camping nosh ! 

 old & new

 ...and some of Sandy's whittling too
I know some restorers don't polish-up their interior end caps but I'm glad I did - they're particularly magic by candle-light 

 Lovely but
never long enough 


  1. Wow! Looks like a fantastic trip. And the Cloud looks great.

  2. Outstanding pictures! Great setting. The brown shrimp was new to me.


  3. Inspiring pictures as always Chris! Looks like you had a fantastic time!

  4. Thanks all - glad you like the pics.

    We had a lovely relaxing summer & the Flying Cloud was a joy to tow & stay in.

  5. Chris, absolutely warms my heart to see you enjoying the Cloud, your photos bring us right into the pleasure of it all. Friends, family, food, wine, Atomic, and all.

  6. Thanks a lot Dacia - the weather helped but we had a lovely summer in our shiny shed !


  7. I would love to go on a trip like this. I don't get to do it often though. Hopefully I can plan a trip with my family soon.
    John Bond |