Saturday, 31 January 2009

The Missing 14" Window...

My missing 14" kitchen window has arrived. Hot from Ron & Tyla Biale at Vintage Deluxe Trailers in Colona CA.  I've been looking on eBay for quite a while but with no joy, so I sent out a few emails to vintage suppliers & Ron came up trumps. Really helpful people and the frame (as you can see) was in exactly the condition they described - so I'd wholeheartedly recommend Vintage Deluxe Trailers (see their link on my recommended websites list)

Much of my internal frame is still there but the outer opening section is missing (you can see someone has just stuck plexiglass over the opening), so this was a very lucky find.

Frame is in great shape. No bends or dings to the outer frame. 

Ron helpfully sent good photos with the tape measure included - so I could be certain we were measuring from the same point.

The rubber seals have perished or are too brittle to re-use. But all the alloy is in really great condition & will clean up nicely. The glass was removed to keep the shipping costs down, and she arrived without any shipping damage.

The Hehr opening lever is missing but these are readily available from Vintage Trailer Supplies.

The only slight glitch was a UK Customs charge !  I should have asked for a value lower than the $90 I paid to be posted on the shipping documents as not only did I have to pay the VAT (@ 22.5%) but also a handling charge... but hey, I'm still very happy to have found one this size.  

FYI - UK Customs can charge VAT @ 22.5% on anything valued at over £18 and then import duty on items over £120 - it seems to be a lottery whether they pick out your package but its worth being aware of it.

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