Sunday, 11 January 2009


This 1954 brochure is the closest I can find to my year of 1953.  
They still list the Flying Cloud as 21ft - I thought that in 54 they went to 22ft with the longer tail-end ? But maybe it was gradually phased in ?

Floor plan is pretty similar to mine although I have two chests of drawers either end of the double bed which pushes the toilet nearer the sinks. And I don't have the small drawers in front of the water heater. Mine has no evidence of ever having a dinette fitted, though our plan is probably to fit one along these lines, with the table dropping to make a spare bed.

My chassis is identical to the single-axle picture (middle left) and it appears to confirm (bottom left) that they fitted the bellypan before they attached the frame on top of the floor - hence those sneaky rivets that attach the bellypan to the 'C' channel but are inside the outer skin.

Not sure if we'll do the same, or re-fit it after the bodyshell has been re-attached to the new floor & chassis - advice very welcome.

This Flying Cloud still has the 'suicide' door. I suppose it means that it opens without obstructing the window but (as I've found to my cost) if the catch, or dead-lock works free in transit the result can be a dented skin and a door to take apart & reshape.

Interestingly, they show it with an oval front window - mine has the rectangular Hehr one with 2 opening side lights at the front and a single, 'fire-escape' Hehr at the rear - so they must have still being offering the oval window as an option in 1954.

If anyone knows of a 1953 (or 1952) brochure, I'd love to see one.


  1. Chris, Any chance of you sending me some links to those scans?
    I just got a 54 safari and am very interested in that brochure. Frank

  2. Did you see this brochure from '51?

  3. Hi Frank
    I'm pretty sure the brochure is from the VAC website - see Safari Tim's link above.