Saturday, 3 January 2009

Period pieces...

Two perfect period pieces for a 50s Airstream:

A 'Juice-o-Matic', by Rival, from the US & an 'Atomic Coffee Maker'  from the 50s'. 

The Atomics were (apparently) designed in the UK but manufactured in Italy, then badged for different countries. This has the London, Sassoon label but a lot were exported to the US and even more to Australia (if you look them up on ebay they most commonly come up in Australia) where they are badged  'Bon Trading Co, Woollahra, Sydney' 

Solid, cast aluminium (and like our bullets, they will polish up - though I quite like the dull grey). Later models had a steam wand for frothing milk... 

... design classics and they make great juice & coffee.

Aluminium Idler

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